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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
Environmental Quality,
Risk Assessment studies,
Environmental Pollution Studies,
Eco-toxicology,Water Pollution,
Environmental Physiology,
Air pollution studies,
Carrying out Environmental Impact
Assessment Studies for Industrial complexes,
Irrigation projects, Thermal Power Plants, Transportation etc.
Since last 15 years, Working
in the Field of measurement /monitoring,
analysis and interpretation of
data for Air,
water and soil to interpret environmental
quality of urban and
industrial sectors since last 15 years,
Carrying out bio diversity studies of
flora and fauna with reference to its
ecosustainable use of different
water bodies like Jaikwadi dam,
Mehrum dam, Sukhna
dam, NandurMadhemeshwar ,
Ambadi dam , Tembhapuri dam
Andhari dam etc.
and the rivers like Godavari river ,
Pravara river, Kham river Girija river,
Sukhna river, Khelna river,
etc of Maharashtra State since last 10 years.


Teaching Experience:27 years 10 months and 15 days

Research Experience:24 years, 7 months, 26 days

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